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Since Flowing Yogi Studio in Cochrane is now closed, this website is now dedicated to information about yoga classes & Thai Yoga Massage with Jennifer Houghton. 

I offer real yoga, for real people.  Not too hot, not too cold.   Yoga is meant to meet you where you are no matter what your fitness level or age. 

Stiff folks and supple folks — all are welcome!


Begin where you are...the yogi said.


Private Yoga & Workplace Yoga

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Yoga Classes
with Jennifer Houghton, Certified Yoga Instructor

Cochrane Classes are being held at Lofts on the Bow. Click for details.

One-On-One Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy is for anyone who is uncertain they can tolerate a public yoga class because of illness or a physical condition.  It can be helpful in relieving pain, improving vitality, and in mood management for anyone with illness, recovering from injury, or with chronic pain.  Yoga therapy is a combination of scientific information and ancient yogic wisdom. It involves breath work, meditation, physical yoga and other practices customized for the individual.
 Click here for more details about Yoga Therapy. 

Thai Yoga Massage
Now Available in Cochrane!

Introductory Summer rates:
$60/1.5 hour

Thai Yoga Massage is bodywork therapy that involves stretching and massage.  Based on yoga and Ayurvedic practices, it originated in Thailand. Its a full body treatment that can help relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, and balance energy.  Techniques include compression of muscles, mobilization of joints, and applying pressure to energy points (marma points).  During the treatment, the practitioner will guide clients through yoga postures while palming and thumbing energy lines to enhance the effect in the body.

The yoga stretching releases stress from the body while other special techniques go even deeper to release stress by targeting 'marma' points. Marma points are like little brains that feed the organs, glands, nerves, and cells of the body the information they need to function properly. When stress invades the body the marma points become strangled. Thai massage frees the marma points, cleansing stress from the soft tissue and helping the body regain homeostasis.  We can then once again feel like we are 'in the flow'. 

The massage is done on a mat on the floor. Clients wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement. No oils or cream are used.

To book an appointment call 403-932-6109 or email jennifer@flowingyogi.com
(For women and men.  Please note I take male clients by referral only: someone I know or referred by someone I know - thanks)

Video Practices

These short video practices are similar to the Gentle Yoga Classes.

Desk Yoga 1
Desk Yoga 2
Standing Spine Series

What is yoga?

Yoga is different things to different people - a philosophy, a lifestyle, a teacher, a workout, a stretch, a healer.   At its core, yoga is union - the unification of body, mind, spirit.   When we are born, this interconnectedness is in a pure state.   In the course of our busy lives, we lose our awareness of the connection. It is always there waiting to be rediscovered and fully experienced.  Practicing yoga brings this union to our consciousness so we can feel whole.

Yoga can offer methods to become more permanently flexible and to help us face daily challenges more calmly.  Through yoga we find ease, joy, delight, relaxation, stimulation, freedom. Ease with oneself, joy in this world, delight in the childlike, relaxation of tension, stimulation of the mind, freedom from pain.



Jennifer Houghton,
Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga is for everyone!


Yoga exercises and techniques are simple and effective movements designed to improve the quality of one’s well being.  Through yoga you can enjoy better mental, physical, and emotional health.

If you are not flexible you are the perfect candidate to do yoga! 

There are many benefits of yoga:

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