Yoga Interview with Adam Husler

I met Adam Husler for the first time in March 2018 at Yoga Vibe Sofia where he was invited to host several workshops. He is a UK-based teacher with classes at top yoga studios and exclusive settings across London. With a eclectic background including boxing, ultramarathons, a law degree and over 10 years on the yoga mat, Adam brought a different perspective with his non-dogmatic yoga teaching. He has busy international teaching schedule and luckily his route includes Bulgaria as well! 


A yoga teacher for those who want to gain understanding of their bodies, Adam’s yoga teaching concept features intelligent alignment, anatomical precision and focus on mobility rather than flexibility. "Heavenly Hips and Tight Bits"- the workshop that I attended was focused exactly on the tightest part of my body - the hips. This was a juicy practice - steadily flowing, alignment focused vinyasa with some deeper static sections. I really enjoyed the class and Adam's approach and focus on consious movement and alignment of the body. With attention given to shoulders, chest, hips, and legs, Adam helped us target the tight parts through aware movement. 


In 2018 Adam will visit Bulgaria again because he is one of the 25 international teachers who will come especially to teach at UDAYA Live Yoga Festival in August, which gives me another chance to practice with him again and I just can't wait! I also had the opportunity to get his view on several questions about yoga that intrigue me, and below are his answers: 

When did you start your personal practice and when did you start teaching yoga?


About 12 years ago I occasionally played around with asana and began a far more regular practice about 10 years ago. I got hooked to the clear benefits and eventually the practice gradually became a daily one. I actually never had the intention of becoming a full time teacher and my first TT, about 5 years ago, was actually just to enhance my knowledge, but it turn out I quite liked teaching!



When and why did you join Boys of Yoga movement? Are men getting more involved in yoga? What are their worries about practicing?


One of my good friends Mike came up with the idea and he’s a creative magician; he had the concept, the branding, the movement and I was easily persuaded to jump on board from the start! I’ don’t think its just more men we need to get to do yoga, but rather we just need more and more people to do yoga, however you need to use different stratergies to persuade different groups. The BOY strategy was initially about showing men that yoga isn’t as easy or boring as you think it might be, and there are clear benefits to the practice, physically and mentally


One of the most difficult yoga asana for me. 


Among your students are there more women or men? 


There’s definitely more females is classes still, but gradually the number of men is creeping up, including men you certainly wouldn’t have seen in class a few years ago; boxers, busy lawyers, footballers etc. 


Yoga is getting more and more popular around the world thanks to social media – how do you feel about that? 


Any thing that persuades people to come to their first class is wonderful; free class passes, yoga in shops, social media, fun events etc etc. Often then people find a teacher and style that they resonate with and their practice evolved over time. The only caution I have with social media, is sometimes a confusions with fame and expertise, with people copying something they see on a popular social media account, that is slightly dangerous or ill informed. 


How to convince people that yoga is more than only asana and that it is beyond the physical? 


I don’t think they need convincing; they will find it over years of practice. We’re not in a rush!



Why some students devalue the importance of savasana according to you? 


Actually, most of my students appreciate savasana and I normally leave 5-8 minutes. I talk about it as being as physical as anything else we’ve done in class, and maybe even more challenging! If there was an experienced students that left before savasana repeatedly, I’d make sure I chatted to them to explore why. 


Could you please help us with suggestions on how to integrate yoga in our daily lives? 


If you have a consistently wonderful backend practice in your yoga classes, but go home and have the same argument with your partner every evening, something is going wrong in your practice; our practice isn’t limited to the mat. Our practice is one of self-enquiry using the body and breath as a vehicle for that. You can start this integration of yoga in to your actual life, by considering how a yoga practice makes you aware of the current moment; the sensations, the minds narrative and the breath. In that moment you are not grasping, you are trying not to mentally time travel and you’re not obsessed with achieving anything. This is a skill you can begin to integrate to your life the moment you leave the studio. 



What the modern yogis (and people in general) can and should learn from the authentic yoga philosophy? 


So much. So so much. Great minds like Richard Rosen and the late  Michael Stone do a wonderful job and making more traditional philosophy applicable to our modern world.



How do you see the world of yoga in 10 years?


There will be trends and it may manifest in different ways, but yoga will be yoga and hopefully more people will be practicing it. 


For more inspiring content, follow Adam on Instagram or Facebook. You can practice with him at UDAYA Live 2018 this August in Pravets, Bulgaria or online at



Love and light,




p.s. Very soon I will share which classes I am going to attend at UDAYA Live 2018 as well as a surprise giveaway in collaboration with UDAYA Live!





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December 1, 2018

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