Going AGAIN to Bali in 2019

Travelling on my own to Bali for a month has been an amazing and unforgettable experience. Every single day since my come back from this beautiful trip I have been thinking a lot about one thing: when do I go back to Bali?


I have met a lot of people during my solo travel and what I have noticed that a lot of them describe Bali with one particular and specific word: It is addictive.


Thankfully, there are healthy addictions, such as going to Bali for as much as possible and as soon as possible!


I am hypnotized by my simple Bali days routine and I just can’t wait to go back to these heavenly feelings. Yes, I need my dose of Bali asap, please! :)



This beautiful place won my heart with the positive vibes coming from the people around, the yoga practice, the healthy food, the nature, the laidback and chill atmosphere, the food (oops I know, I am way too excited about the food) and the weather!


My days passed by between yoga practices and spending time at the beach, reading and enjoying good healthy and most of the times vegan food.



I only have one big regret about my April trip to Bali! I missed the BaliSpirit Festival 2018! This is an international, yoga, cultural, holistic wellness and music event. A lot of yogis that I met were visiting Bali exactly because of the festival, so I said to myself that next time I won’t miss it. Well, next time is pretty soon: end of March 2019! And I officially promised to myself I am going back to Ubud for this inspiring and uplifting yoga event!



It’s a whole week of yoga with international teachers, music, dance, new friends, inspiration, cultural enrichment, meditation and joy! Actually, the event will surprise you with its various and rich program with activities.


It’s also a whole week of positive recharge not only for the body, but also for the mind and the soul! I always wanted to learn more about the content and peaceful state of mind of the Balinese, so this will be a step forward. There will be lots of good Bali vibes, as the festival is based on the Balinese Hindu concept of Tri Hita Karana: living in harmony with our spiritual, social, and natural environments.



So… it’s not only decided for me, but I also got my early bird ticket. Would you like also to join this retreat for the body, the mind and the soul? I hope so! See you in Bali in March 2019!


Keep Flowing,

Peace and Love

Self-love and courage! Yeah, all that!














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December 1, 2018

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