Looking Forward to UDAYA Live 2018

I am counting the days until UDAYA Live 2018 because I just can’t wait for the yoga event of the year! It’s the one and only 5-day yoga festival happening in Bulgaria! Yoga teachers and musicians from around the world will come to the beautiful village of Pravets to lead classes. It will be my second UDAYA festival and I am so excited because it’s a little yoga getaway that brings so much inspiration, motivation, new friends and new ideas!


The new for me teachers that I am excited to meet for the first time at this year’s festival are Rudy Mettia, Jules Mitchell, Vytas Baskauskas, Marisa Weppner, Caley Alyssa and Cristi Christensen.

Below I am sharing how I plan to spend my two days at UDAYA Live – I will attend the event on Thursday and Friday as afterwards I am going to the wedding of one of my best friends at the Black Sea coast!


Sooo….. my plan is optimistic and ambitious, but I always plan to attend as much classes as possible at events like this. And my body responds good because of the relaxing influence of the nature and the overall spirit of my mind. After all going to UDAYA Live is a yoga holiday, so my mind is very very chilled and this has an amazing effect on the body too. I also try to eat light and healthy, and to sleep enough in advance so my body is prepared.


My yoga holiday will start on Wednesday 15th of August with Sun Mandala practice with Sianna Sherman and then Meditation with Punnu Singh Wasu. My plan for Thursday is just WOW but I know that if I am feeling well I will attend the following practices:


7:00 – 7:30 Meditation with Punnu - this is a must in the morning and it will set the tone for the busy but exciting day ahead!



8:00 – 9:00 Vinyasa Flow with Caley Alyssa, because Vinyasa is my passion and I am also interested in meeting Caley! 


9:30 – 10:30 Seeking Warrior with Rudy Mettia whose classes I wanted to attend last year but couldn’t do it unfortunately. Several yoga friends shared with me they were amazed by his practice. So I am very happy that I have the chance to practice with him this August.


11:00 – 12:00 Post Core with Vytas Baskauskas. Cause.... I need to seriously work on my core. 


2:30 – 3:30 Yinlicious with Marisa Weppner. My yin yoga love was unlocked during my trip in Bali, so now I am adopting yin yoga practices as much as I can. Usually I try to unwind every night with some yin yoga poses and I could feel their impact on my flexibility. It’s because yin yoga helps to influence the fascia which is responsible for the flexibility of the body.


4:00 – 5:00 Finding integrity in deep backbends with Adam Husler. I have practiced with Adam before and I really appreciate his practical approach of explaining anatomy but also focusing on listening the body, asana alternatives and moving mindfully.


5:30 – 6:30 Yin – Nourish your soul with Cristi Christensen. It’s logical to finish such an active day with even more stretching.


If I find the classes during the day too much for my body, I will probably give myself a break and will attend the workshop at 10:00 – 11:30 about Life Changing Nutrition tips with Cheri Rae.



The plan for Friday will be shorter as I have to drive to the Black Sea coast in the afternoon for the wedding on Saturday but I still want to take part in the early morning meditation with Punnu and then will continue with Leveraging the Practice (sounds sweaty and hard, hence I can't wait) – a power class with Rudy Mettia.


Then I won't miss the opportunity for another class with Adam Husler and will join his Vinyasa practice dedicated to Leg Love – with focus on flexibility and strength. Then in the afternoon I would love to continue with The Princess and the pea workshop led by Jules Mitchell - no idea what to expect but may be this class will be exploring precise movement, just my guess. Eventually, if time allows me, and if my body can endure it, I will end my UDAYA Live 2018 experience with The Physical Evolution with Vytas.



I have a back up plan for the second day again - if I am too tired, I will join the Yoga Nidra class with Roland Jensch, whom I met last year and was very happy with his class.

This is my plan for UDAYA Live 2018. I will go with the intention to explore, to try new classes, to meet new teachers and to challenge my body big time. 


If you are also coming to UDAYA Live 2018, please message me or come and say hi :) 


If you want to come but don’t have a ticket yet, stay tuned for a give-away on my Instagram and Facebook pages.


For the rest of you, I will share here on the blog my experience after the festival. 


Keep Flowing,

Peace and Love

Self-love and courage!





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December 1, 2018

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